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Typical Problem Areas Additional Problem Areas

7. Porch or Chimney leaning.

Typical Problem Areas

We specialize in all waterproofing, drainage issues as well as structural problems and can inspect and evaluate your particular situation and together we can come up with a solution that best meets your needs and can improve the value of your home or business.

When doors and windows are not functioning properly, it could be a sign that a home’s foundation is settling in one or more areas.  When this happens the alignment of a door or window frame can become skewed which can be the cause of a door or window not being able to open or close.

1. Window and doors not working properly.

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Cracks in drywall around windows and doors could be an indication of structural or foundation issues.  Depending where the crack is it may be a sign that a home or business foundation is settling in one or more places and maybe more noticeable during varying weather conditions.

2. Cracks in drywall.

An uneven floor in a home or business can signal a foundation settling and could cause a gap in between the floors and walls or trim.  This may also be sign of a drainage problem or structural foundation issue.

3. Gaps under walls and trim and uneven floors.

Cracks in basement walls or water leakage are other indications of structural foundation issues that could be caused by poor or improper grading or signs of settling.  Grade sloping towards a foundation will carry water runoff towards the foundation and can cause hydrostatic pressure on the wall causing it to crack or break.  We can evaluate and make several recommendations to remedy your particular situation.

4.  Interior cracks in basement walls.

Cracks in a basement floor and water on floor can signal a variety of problems including improper grading or fill, settling, hydrostatic pressure from expansion and contracting of wet/dry soils and should be addressed immediately.  

5. Basement floor cracks and water on floor.

Similar to interior cracks these can be caused by a variety of reasons, some additional causes can be outside exposures to the weather, improper downspouts or sump pump discharge may need to be extended away from the foundation.

6. Exterior foundation cracks.

When a porch or chimney is leaning or tilting one way or another, this is could be an indication that your home has a foundation issue and should be fixed immediately to prevent further damage to your structure.  Water leaking or seeping into our home or can cause even more extensive repairs.

Additional problem areas that can allow leaks or basement flooding are improper grading which can cause a sump pump to run extensively, window well leaking or improper installed window well, CMU walls leaking and drawing water which acts like a field tile, and several other areas of possible concern.

Additional typical problem areas are sump pump, window area well, etc many from outside grading problems.

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