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Let us solve your drainage problems

Get all your drainage problems solved by Stumpf Construction Services Inc. You can trust us to stop and prevent water runoff before it gets to the basement. Proper drainage system will minimize water leakage into your basement. It also reduces hydraulic pressure on basement walls. Controlling water runoff problems is the first step in keeping your basement dry. This would help you gain additional finished living space back in your home.

  • Proper grading and slope

  • Gutter and drainage tile inspections

  • Install proper drainage swales

  • Clean and unplug tiles, gutters and downspouts

  • Install correct size gutters and downspouts

  • Install or repair inside or outside drainage tiles

  • Install or repair window area wells and retaining walls

  • Directs water away from home or business

  • Installing various other waterproofing materials

Drainage problem services:

Stumpf Construction Services Inc offers 24 hour emergency services as well as a variety of other services. We are proud to be the leaders in servicing the Iowa City area and most of the Eastern Iowa Corridor.


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Trust our system to solve your drainage problems

You can count on our system to improve the drainage system for you home.

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Showing properly installed window area well.

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